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Chiropractic and Psych- K Services at The Lotus Center

Dr. Green's treatment has two components to resolve stress-induced pain and stiffness: 1. Gentle adjustments restore flexibility and alignment. 2. Thorough muscle response testing and chi-stimulating techniques help balance the body and handle future stress. 

Initial session $79/follow-up sessions $59 




Are you ready to change your life for the better?

PSYCH-K® is chiropractic care for the mind. It is the missing “peace,” a pivotal process that changes everything else because it brings harmony to the entire field of bodymind consciousness.

Discover your self-limiting subconscious beliefs in this kinesiology session, and reprogram them to support what you consciously want to create in your life.

$119 per session 

Marya Mann, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Quantum Healer, Teacher, Author, and Artist is committed to supporting effective, practical, and inspiring changes that help people create more peace, joy, creativity, and sustainability in their lives.


She is featured with the Dalai Lama, Bruce Lipton, and Barbara Marx Hubbard in the anthology, Healing Our Planet, Healing Our Selves, and has led Yoga Journeys in Hawaii, Indonesia, India, and the U. S. Mainland. You can find her articles on some of Hawaii’s most beloved Kahuna, Artists, and Healers here:


Learn more:


“It’s actually quite miraculous!”

-- Lilly Harris, Flight Attendant


“The session was fabulous! You really come from the heart, and I felt that. I was in a place that I needed to release some old belief of unworthiness and that life was a struggle. Our session definitely helped me shift and feel lighter about what I really want to create and manifest.”

-- Victoria Yoon, Aloha for You, Kona, HI


“As a holistic healer myself, I’ve researched and experimented with virtually every alternative modality available… and still come back to Marya’s heart-centered Energy Healing when I’m blown off course. She helped me uncover patterns in my subconscious embedded there so long ago, then brought insightful understanding to switch patterns so I could reach my life goals. Working with Marya, I felt I had entered a sacred, safe space where all could be revealed, and deep shifts could take place.”        

-- Becca Chopra, author of The Chakra Energy Diet 

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