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Body Treatments

Rejuvenate your body with amazing spa treatments designed to refresh and relieve your body. Your skin will look its best, your body will feel rested and rejuvenated, and your mind will have let go.

Hawaiian Sea Salt Glow

Using Hawaiian sea salt the body is completely exfoliated. This invigorating treatment is finished with a moisturizing massage. 

45 minutes $129

Aloe Sunburn Relief 

This soothing wrap provides inStant relief for Sunburn and helps to restore moisture to dry, dehydrated skin Aloe, essential oils and iced towels are applied you receive a hand & foot massage. 

60 minutes $139

Full body Seaweed Mask

The ultimate in luxury Spa treatments. Organic warm algae is applied to the body from the shoulders down and you are enveloped in a heat retaining thermal wrap fOr 20-30 minutes detoxify, tone and nourish the skin. A foot and scalp massage is included and an after moisturizer is applied. 

60 minutes $179

Body Polish

This wonderful exfoliation treatment leaves skin looking and feeling fresh, smooth, and polished. Excellent for the lymph system.

60 minutes $139

Island cooler

An invigorating Hawaiian Sea salt scrub, followed by a re-hydrating aloe wrap that concludes with a moisturizing massage. A signature three-in-one treatment of The Lotus center.

90 minutes $195

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